Our Services


We offer quality forward translation and back translation services in the following languages:

  • Tagalog
  • Hiligaynon/Ilonggo
  • Cebuano-Cebu
  • Cebuano-Davao
  • Ilocano-Baguio
  • Pangasinan
  • Waray

Feel free to contact us should you require translation services in any other language.

Our core personnel started out as advertising professionals servicing agricultural companies. The customers of these companies are mostly farmers in the rural areas, and their advertising campaigns are conducted nationwide – throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Hence, we learned early the value of communicating with Filipinos in their native languages.

And while conducting extensive audience research to gauge how effective our advertisements were,we also learned the importance of using the simplest local words and terms in order to convey complex ideas, while preserving the integrity and effectiveness of the original statements. We bring this expertise to translation.

We do not rely on machine translation, and do not automate our output.

We appreciate the importance of speedy transmittal, and work hand in hand with clients in ensuring that translation output reaches them promptly and securely. We are meticulous in verifying for accuracy and completeness and catching errors in both our forward and back translations, so that our clients are spared the hard work and can use our output with confidence.

Currently, we specialize in translation of medical documents. However, we have translated a wide variety of documents – including religious, legal and literary – during our many years of experience.

Audio Transcription

Conversion of voice dictation into digital computer word processing files; specifically, these documents could be medical records/reports, legal records/proceedings, and other audio files that do not fall under these two forms (e.g., meeting sessions, speeches, autobiographies and others).

We do not use machine transcription. All our projects are handled by human transcribers and editors. This ensures a higher degree of accuracy and faithfulness to context.

Writing and Editing Services

We have a pool of talented and bilingual writers and editors who are experienced and devoted to their craft. We offer services in writing, rewriting and editing all kinds of written communications in both English and Filipino.

Our expertise includes:

  • advertising copywriting
  • writing for brochures, annual reports and other print publications
  • audio-visual scripts
  • web content development
  • social media posting
  • SEO
  • other writing-related services.