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A Proudly Filipino Company

Cyberstream Philippines, Inc. is based in the Philippines and duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. Since 2004, we have provided quality translation, transcription, writing and editing services.

We are based in Makati City. Our incorporators are Filipino citizens, and we place a premium on recruiting expert Filipino talent. We solidly believe that Filipino professional output is capable of meeting high global standards.

We are also passionate about promoting uniquely Filipino services, such as those involved in language translation, transcription and copywriting. We are committed to bringing Filipino excellence and ingenuity into all our projects.

We invite you to outsource your requirements to us. Contact us to ask for a quote.

Quality is the highest degree of accuracy
combined with fast turnaround

cyberstream philippines offers translation transcription writing and editing services

What We Believe In

We believe in absolute quality.

We believe in our customers; we listen to them and implement only the best solutions in response to their specific needs.

We believe in our people. We hire only the most qualified in terms of educational background and/or work experience.

Our Translation, Transcription, Writing and Editing Experts

Many Filipinos are multilingual. Our professional translators, transcribers, writers and editors are fluent in at least two languages: English and their native languages. In addition, they are accomplished communicators in their native tongues.

Our personnel are properly oriented, meticulous and highly motivated. Each of them brings years of experience and expertise into our team.

We set a high standard of output in terms of expedition and accuracy. We work closely with our clients to establish delivery timelines that prioritize quality without sacrificing speed.

We also verify our output meticulously. We do not settle for sub-standard submissions.

Moreover, we do not hesitate to collaborate with clients when necessary, in order to refine our output to their satisfaction.