Cyberstream Philippines, Inc.

The Company

Quality is the highest degree of accuracy
combined with fast turnaround

We are Cyberstream Philippines, Inc., a company engaged in providing data conversion services. We are based in the Philippines and duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.

We invite you to outsource your requirements to us. Contact us to ask for a quote.

What We Believe In

We believe in absolute quality.

We believe in our customers; we listen to them, understand their needs and implement only the best solutions in response to their needs.

We believe in our people. We hire only the most qualified in terms of educational background and/or work experience.

Our personnel are properly oriented, experienced and highly motivated. We set a high standard of output in terms of speed and accuracy in the encoding division; and their output is verified meticulously, so no sub-standard output is submitted to the client. In the medical and general transcription division, no transcriptionist is accepted into the ranks without passing our speed, hearing acuity and language proficiency tests. Checking is also performed on each transcription output to ensure optimum accuracy.